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What is the next stage of my life?

Mindset Coaching

Build your confidence and stop comparing yourself to others


What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset coaching is based on Adult Development Theory. ADT means as adults, we can keep developing and evolving our mindset. As we do, we can understand new concepts and ideas that we could not before.

What are the stages?

Stage 1

Impulsive mind (early childhood)

Stage 2

 Imperial mind (adolescence, 6% of the adult population)

Stage 3

Socialised mind (58% of the adult population)

Stage 4

Self-Authoring mind (35% of the adult population)

Stage 5

Self-Transforming mind (1% of the adult population)

What can mindset coaching do for me?

Build your confidence

By building your own internal model of values and beliefs - you can make decisions based on these rather than worrying about what other people would think of your decision.

Stop comparing yourself to others

 Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on what you truly want.

Stop focussing on how people see you

Stop being worried about how you think people see or perceive you.

Conflicts with others around your model

Sometimes, we can have an internal model that brings tensions with others - in our personal life and work - I can work with you to understand why and what actions (if any) you want to take.

How does it work?

Our main task is to build your own internal model and belief system. You already have these, but often it is hidden from you. I work with you to help you discover what is there, and by making it objective, how might you want to change it.

Each coaching session, we go through a particular task, such as your values. This process is not instant and requires more than one coaching session. In general, it takes around 3 months.


Between coaching sessions, you also work your own discovery - for instance, writing down your beliefs. And then, in the next coaching session, we look at these in more detail, helping you change and integrate them into yourself.


I like to use the analogy that we create and exercise a brand new muscle. At first, you cannot even feel the muscle, but over time as I help you exercise it, it becomes stronger and stronger until you can use it without my help.


When Phil and myself started our coaching sessions, I remember I was expecting only to be working on some insecurities I had. I was very soon surprised then, how the mindset coaching helped me in many other ways as well.

Over the course of our sessions, I learned to be more focused and confident in my day to day life. Also, Phil helped me change my perspective on trust towards other people, which was amazing for my personal life. 

I have found myself enjoying my work life even more, and I can now better handle situations in the past that have been difficult for me.

Our coaching sessions were always very trustworthy and focused. I am impressed by Phil's broad methodological knowledge and how carefully he chooses the right tool for each of our sessions. After every session, I was impressed with how much I learned about myself by applying the tools and coaching we used.

I am more than grateful to Phil because he supported me in making big steps forward in my life and my personal career development.

Product Manager

Watch Sascha talk about his coaching

Sample timeline of mindset coaching

  1. Discovery - what are my values

  2. Beliefs - what are my beliefs

  3. Changing limiting beliefs 

  4. Consolidating and integrating beliefs

  5. Figuring out how you use beliefs and values every day

  6. Immunity to change

  7. Final session

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