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Helping Those Over 35 Find a Life & Career They Enjoy

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Are you stuck in a career that brings no joy?


You wake up with the alarm, and after that split second, all the dread and anxiety appears as you remember how much you hate your job. 


Maybe you keep your opinions about a new business initiative to yourself because you know your views are so different from the direction the company is taking. 


You know for the sake of your own happiness you must make a change, but you feel trapped and paralyzed, unable to move forward as trying to make decisions feels so painful.

Imagine doing work you enjoy

You wake up before your alarm excited to start the day on something that makes a difference - and feel like this every day.

You head to bed, and as you put the lights out, you think back to the good day you had - one where you were happy and content and your life & work and made a difference.

You finish work after a fun day without dealing with politics or narcissism. And even time to do something with your family and life.

I can help you get here!


I'm Phil

I know how draining and stressful it can be to be stuck in a job where you feel you’re not making any kind of difference. As draining and stressful as it may be, there is a path from where you are to a job that brings you joy, freedom and meaning.

As a coach, writer, entrepreneur and leader, I've helped those who feel burnout and dread their workday - people like you - to find a career that gives you joy.

To get started, set up a free call with me and take that next step.

Redesign Your Life & Career


My signature coaching package will help you escape the dreaded workday and find a career and life that gives you joy. Even if you have no idea what it is you want to do next.

  • Find the career that is right for you

  • One that makes you enough money

  • How to rebrand yourself

  • Practical plan to move forward with your new life and career



Lead Product Designer

Until I met Phil, I used to be very skeptical about coaching. To me, it sounded like someone giving you a motivational talk to boost your will-power and magically obtain unimaginable results. I couldn’t be more mistaken - even though there might be some of these coaches out there, Phil helped me understand that coaching is about providing people with tools to achieve their goals and, most importantly, understand and identify these goals.


Using the Wheel of Life method, I was able to go through a deep reflection about my priorities and identity in a pivotal moment in my life.The special thing about this session is that it provided me with a roadmap for the next months of my life. It isn’t just about understanding who you are, but also about taking action towards who you want to become.


Phil also helped me see that coaching is a skill that I can learn and apply in my career to become a better leader. The  fact that Phil is such an empathetic and kind hearted person makes him not only effective but also exceptional at what he does.

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