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I'm Phil

Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer & Leader

The Past










Health issues


No idea what to do next

Helping others find work and life with meaning

My story

I started a career

I started working as a consultant and realised I hated it.

Then I achieved a dream...


I started working in broadcasting (on the technology side)

And I loved Loved it. First, I worked for the BBC (the largest broadcaster in the world)- working with a fantastic team on social media for the 2012 Olympics and creating tools to be used across ALL of the BBC.


And then to ITV - the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK, where I helped transform and modernise the technology division.


But then

I was in the middle of managing a massive project with over 100 people involved. There was chaos and mess, but we were slowly moving to clarity and were going to succeed.


But I was bored, not excited. And there were days I dreaded coming in to deal with the next issue. After 3 years, I knew I wanted something different, but I had no idea what.

But I then moved to Berlin.

It was to move closer to a man I had an unconventional relationship with. So I put broadcasting (and a promising career) behind me and entered the world of startups and a new city, a new country in a language I did not understand (and still do not if I am honest).

But I went from bored to hating my job

My ego got the best of me. I thought I could win the job. And in some ways, I did. I reached a three-figure salary, and I bought a flat. And I was finally going to start travelling in Business Class (or at least Premium Economy).


But I was stressed, unhappy and depressed.

But I woke up every day with dread. I used to love going to the gym. But now, even going to the gym was hard, as I would be heading to work afterwards (yes, I am one of the mad crazy people who goes to the gym in the morning before work).


I was constantly dealing with politics, psychopaths, and being constantly framed and set up for failure in power plays by other people.


And in all honesty, the work did not interest me. It was not making a difference in people's lives. It was not helping society.


My health was awful from the stress. And with the constant challenges of work, I found it hard to find a good time to go off my antidepressants.


But through it all, I kept the coaching. I was doing it more and more, and the people I coached loved it. I guided them to help them find who they indeed were; I helped them find their purpose, energy, and drive.


  • There was someone who found life had no meaning

  • People who were burnt out and needed a change of career

  • New leaders who wanted to lead in an ethical, value-driven way


I was able to guide and help them. My purpose was to help people become the best they could be and find the best life and work for them that gives them joy.


And I realised I loved it.


And then there was death.

Over 25 people had died - most of them were 60 or younger.


And I realised

I could die. And not in old age but very soon.


I then asked myself, what would I regret if I died in a year's time?


And the answer

Spending another year working 60 hours a week on something I did not believe in, unhappy and trapped rather than working as a coach and helping people.


And so I started this

To help people like you become free and find your passions and purpose so can, you can work on what matters to you.

Watch me speak about my own journey

Become who you are meant to be

Take the first step to find life & work with meaning


Design/Research/Opera Singer 

I was coached by Phil over between 2018 through to 2020.


Phil provided expert analysis and guidance on a number of professional and personal issues. He is an incredibly sensitive professional who encourages you to step into your own power and positively transform what is holding you back. He understands organisational psychology and how different personality types may respond to certain professional dynamics. He taught me a considerable amount about setting boundaries, self confidence when communicating with leadership, goal setting and importantly how to actually reach them. My work processes and overall outlook was positively influenced by my work with Phil.


I would call on Phil in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to any individual or organisation.

My background as a coach


Drawing from over a decade of experience as an international executive and coach, I've had the privilege of collaborating with some of the world's most renowned organisations, including BBC, the largest broadcaster globally, and ITV, the leading commercial broadcaster in the UK.

During my time in Berlin, I successfully worked for a number of international startups, where I contributed to their incredible success stories, collectively generating over $100 million in revenue.


My role extended beyond coaching; I played a pivotal role in transforming their organisational cultures into high-performance cultures through strategic change initiatives and coaching 1:1 with critical people across the startups.

Additionally, I have taken on a meaningful role in my local community by coaching the founders of various impactful gay community projects here in Berlin.

My coaching journey has been all-encompassing, spanning every echelon of organisations – from visionary founders and C-level executives to directors and emerging leaders taking their first steps in their careers.

My academic background includes a Master's degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the prestigious University of Warwick (part of the Russell Group, the English equivalent of an Ivy University).


In the past, As a software developer, I've lent my expertise to esteemed institutions such as the UK Ministry of Defence and the Post Office and even had the exciting opportunity to contribute to a European Space Agency project during one memorable summer.

Beyond my professional roles, I've passionately shared my knowledge and insights through various mediums, including thought-provoking articles, engaging videos, and informative podcasts.

Additionally, I've had the privilege of facilitating numerous workshops, empowering individuals and teams to unlock their true potential.

Find out more

I've been actively contributing to the knowledge-sharing landscape, leaving my mark on multiple platforms. You can catch me on the Meaningful Life podcast, where I engaged in a deep conversation with the distinguished Andrew G. Marshall, discussing transformative life and career journeys that you won't want to miss.

But that's not all! I've penned a selection of engaging articles (check one out here) that have been featured on, a respected organization committed to guiding individuals toward purpose-driven careers. My contributions have resonated with readers, and I'm excited to continue sharing my insights.


I've had the privilege of being a featured guest on Internations, where I've conducted a series of enlightening webinars, reaching a global audience and making a positive impact.

How I coach

  • I work with a high level of awareness 

  • I always work with you with truthful, sincere generosity

  • I am always supportive yet challenging when you need me to be

  • I coach from the heart

  • I approach each person and problem without judgement or shame, 

  • I deal with any problem, issue or goal you provide impartially and neutrally with no bias

  • I provide a safe and supportive environment for you to be open about any issues or thoughts you may have

  • Kink and BDSM Friendly

  • LGBTQIA Friendly

 Check out my code of ethics

How people describe me

  • Insightful

  • Knowledgable 

  • Supportive and empathic 

  • Unlocking potential

  • Fair

  • Authentic

My Values





Love of learning





Friendly to all - including LGBTIQ  Friendly

Past companies I have worked for

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