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My code of ethics

Find out about my code of ethics and my values as a coach

Supportive and challenging

To look at changing your life can feel very hard. I make sure to provide a safe, non-judgemental space to explore all the options. In that space, I will challenge to the level that YOU are comfortable with to help you move forward.

Respect your boundaries 

You define the boundaries and lines for our coaching. It is what you are comfortable with and what you want that is important.

To be non-judgemental 

My role is never to judge but to help you make the best decision for yourself - regardless of the life you want and choose

The four walls of confidentially

anything you say to me is kept confidential 

No ego

I come to each client with no ego. I adapt myself to what you want and what is best for you.

My values

Love of learning

Friendly to All

Friendly to all - including LGBTQIA Friendly
Kink Friendly/Knowledgeable & BDSM Friendly/Knowledgable 

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