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Take the next step and find a career with meaning and joy

Discover the Hidden Sources of Your Work Stress

In just 45 minutes, uncover the invisible factors contributing to your stress at work and reclaim your energy and well-being. 


  1. Book the package

  2. Instantly schedule a time to speak with me

  3. Answer some questions in advance

  4. Then hop on for 45 minutes video chat with me, and I will guide you through the rest


  1. What are the unseens things causing you stress at work

  2. What work environment do you need to be your best

  3. A report that summarises your passions and possible career options

Would you like to do more with lots of personal attention?


Redesign Your Life & Career


My signature coaching package will help you escape the dreaded workday and create a life that keeps you true to your values. I'll guide you step by step to design a career and life that gives you freedom, flexibility and joy.

I only take a limited number of clients, and I get into bed with you and your career. You will have my utmost attention and focus, and I'll be the teammate you've been wanting and missing all of these years.


The Redesign Your Life & Career Coaching Package goes through 5 steps

1. Energy refresh

We look at what's happening in your life and career that is no longer fun and causing you stress. Maybe the demands at home or work have changed, and you find yourself sitting on the couch distracting yourself with too much TV - too tired to give anyone the attention they need.


As we identify distractions, we'll find new ways and behaviours to increase your energy. The result? You'll adopt new actions that reflect the life you want to be living and bring you more joy. 


2. Find the passion

We take a look at what hobbies, interests, or passions you used to enjoy and identify themes that suggest new careers you could explore. Maybe you loved writing and creating - this could mean you need to look at careers that involve these. 


We'll also look at who you could talk with to learn more about the top 3 options you identify. The result? You'll start exploring how you could redesign your work life to incorporate or pursue options that bring you more freedom, flexibility and joy. 


3. Practical Analysis and Experiments

We examine what's the standard of living you want going forward - for example, can I make enough money for the life I want? - and use this to start creating an Action Plan to find out what options provide you with the standard of living you require.


To build confidence in your Action Plan and decisions, we will create experiments - for example, you might conduct a short test to live on less money for a few weeks to see how much you really need.


The result - you start to move forward in confidence towards your new flexible life that provides the freedom and joy you deserve.

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4. From Fear to Clarity

As you explore options, there can naturally be some fear. Maybe you worry about how people might view you or what friends and family will think of your new choices.


We will introduce personalised tools and techniques you can use to transform fears and concerns into confidence and have constructive conversations.


The result? Instead of hiding your true self or setting aside your dreams again, you will embrace your needs and continue on YOUR path to fulfilment and joy. And do this in ways you feel good about, and your friends and family admire. 

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Plus - The CDL Worksheet Center

Over 25 worksheets and guides to help you in every step of you career change. Including

  • How to create a brand yourself for your new job

  • Help with imposter syndrome

  • Networking

  • Figuring out your budget

  • Plus much more

5. Action plan

Because a plan without dates is a dream, in this step we will create a realistic action plan by adding timelines to the actions you've identified. Maybe you need to decide how to approach finances, when to talk with friends, or build new skills?


We will break big decisions that could become overwhelming into small achievable steps —making it easy for you to see and celebrate your progress to redesign your work life so that your work gives you freedom, flexibility and joy. 


When Phil and myself started our coaching sessions, I remember I was expecting only to be working on some insecurities I had. I was very soon surprised then, how the mindset coaching helped me in many other ways as well.

Over the course of our sessions, I learned to be more focused and confident in my day to day life. Also, Phil helped me change my perspective on trust towards other people, which was amazing for my personal life. 

I have found myself enjoying my work life even more, and I can now better handle situations in the past that have been difficult for me.

Our coaching sessions were always very trustworthy and focused. I am impressed by Phil's broad methodological knowledge and how carefully he chooses the right tool for each of our sessions. After every session, I was impressed with how much I learned about myself by applying the tools and coaching we used.

I am more than grateful to Phil because he supported me in making big steps forward in my life and my personal career development.

Product Manager

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