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What is the next stage of my life?

What do we do next? It is a simple question, yet finding the answer can be anything but simple.

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What do we do next?

What do we do next? It is a simple question, yet finding the answer can be anything but simple.

When I was 11 years old, I remember that as I liked computers, I would find a job in them. For the next 15 years, I focused on this path and found a job as a programmer.

Life is now sorted.


But then, over time, I realised I was not feeling much joy in this job, so how do I figure out what I do next. As I have coached more people, I have found many other people also had the same issue.


From my own experience and helping others, I now have a system I use to help people. These steps can happen in a different order, and sometimes all simultaneously. But for each step, I use specific coaching techniques and tools to help you with each stage.


Mainstream life. Our culture and society define a very narrow path that we should live. We get a job, get married, buy a car and house, and then the corner office before retiring.

But a surprising amount of us don't fit into this limited, narrow path. And we often think there is something wrong with ourselves. But there is nothing wrong with us.

We just received the wrong messages from our culture and society, messages that clash with our core values.

This can be a hard realisation, and we try and ignore the realisation. It is even harder to want to do something about it. This is normal as it can take a lot of courage to find and live our authentic life.

From one narrow pathway of mainstream life, we now have the choice of infinite possibilities. How do we find the right one for us?

This is where my coaching can help.

What is it I actually enjoy and get joy doing? 

This can only happen through being mindful throughout the day of what gives you joy and through experimentation and experiences

Make a decision

Understand the pros and cons of making a decision - there is no perfect decision when you make a big step; there is always a benefit and a cost - so one must understand the pros and cons


Do more joy

Then practically figure out how you can do more of the things that give you joy

Deal with resistance and fear

Resistance and fear can be healthy - they are there to protect yourself. But often, we can try and void fear and pretend it is not there. And then the voice of fear becomes so loud we cannot ignore it. But there are better ways to deal with fear.

Understand your constraints

What can you realistically do or not do? Any decision must be based on the real world, the money you need, and responsibilities to your friends and families.

Blocked and confidence

Feeling blocked and build confidence


Often we know we need to make a decision or take action, but we are blocked from moving forward. Why is this?

For both of these, I can coach and use effective techniques that help reduce the resistance and fear so you can move forward.

Fear & Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are common feelings when looking to make significant changes to our lives. Sometimes it is in making a decision or taking action. But often, the blockage can occur as we do not even know how to make the decision.


It is important to note that fear protects us, but it can also hold us back. Often we try and push back and ignore fear, but then the voice of fear becomes louder and louder. But by using techniques to examine fear more rationally, we can change our relationship to fear, allowing us to move forward while still protecting ourselves.

General resistance

Often, we have a general resistance to change, and we cannot even figure out what. I can work with you to understand your immunity to change and how we can then reduce your immunity. By looking at our resistance to change, we can often find new insights about ourselves. Then by reducing our residence, we can move forward.

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