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Coaching for a different life

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So many of us feel stuck. Stuck in a career that does not fulfil. Stuck and constrained in life that provides us with no joy. Many of us feel the calling to live a different alternative life. A non-mainstream life that really fulfils us.
But how do we figure out what this is? From the tight constraints and pathways of an everyday life to infinite possibilities of the different? How do we choose what is best for us? And even if we have figured this out - how do we get from where we are now to where we want to be?

I have been there, and I can help you!

Mainstream life. Our culture and society define a very narrow path that we should live. We get a job, get married, buy a car and house, and then the corner office before retiring.

But a surprising amount of us don't fit into this limited, narrow path. And we often think there is something wrong with ourselves. But there is nothing wrong with us.

We just received the wrong messages from our culture and society, messages that clash with our core values.

This can be a hard realisation, and we try and ignore the realisation. It is even harder to want to do something about it. This is normal as it can take a lot of courage to find and live our authentic life.

From one narrow pathway of mainstream life, we now have the choice of infinite possibilities. How do we find the right one for us?

This is where my coaching can help.


Who am I?

Coach, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, & Leader

My name is Phil, and I have worked as a personal and business coach for over 10 years. My deeper purpose in this life is to help people who want to make a similar journey to find their alternative life as I did. To help them avoid some of the same mistakes as me, and when there is a hard time supporting them through it.

What's on offer

Let's change your life


What life do I want?

Work with me to figure out what life you really want.

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Lifestyle / Career

Stop being stuck

When making big decisions, we can feel blocked. Sometimes we do not even know how to approach a decision. I can help remove those blockages with you.

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Change Career

Let me work with you to find the next career that will fulfil you and bring you joy.

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Lifestyle / Career

Mindset coaching

Build your confidence and stop caring what other people think of you - find out more here.

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Lifestyle / Career

What is the next stage in life

Figure out what you want in the next stage of life.

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Build confidence 

Build your confidence so you can take the next steps in your life.

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My Blog

Read my thoughts

Start Your Journey


Book a 30-minute free discovery call with me

Business clients I worked with:



Until I met Phil, I used to be very skeptical about coaching. To me, it sounded like someone giving you a motivational talk to boost your will-power and magically obtain inimaginable results. I couldn’t be more mistaken - even though there might be some of these coaches out there, Phil helped me understand that coaching is about providing people with tools to achieve their goals and, most importantly, understand and identify these goals.


Using the Wheel of Life method, I was able to go through a deep reflection about my priorities and identity in a pivotal moment in my life. I have been going to therapy for about 10 years, so I am not new to self reflection, but the special thing about this session is that it provided me with a roadmap for the next months of my life. It isn’t just about understanding who you are, but also about taking action towards who you want to become.


Phil also helped me see that coaching is a skill that I can learn and apply in my career to become a better leader. I am sure that anyone can benefit from learning these lessons, but the fact that Phil is such an empathetic and kind hearted person makes him not only effective but also exceptional at what he does.


Lead Product Designer


When Phil and myself started our coaching sessions, I remember I was expecting only to be working on some insecurities I had. I was very soon surprised then, how the mindset coaching helped me in many other ways as well.

Over the course of our sessions, I learned to be more focused and confident in my day to day life. Also, Phil helped me change my perspective on trust towards other people, which was amazing for my personal life. 

I have found myself enjoying my work life even more, and I can now better handle situations in the past that have been difficult for me.

Our coaching sessions were always very trustworthy and focused. I am impressed by Phil's broad methodological knowledge and how carefully he chooses the right tool for each of our sessions. After every session, I was impressed with how much I learned about myself by applying the tools and coaching we used.

I am more than grateful to Phil because he supported me in making big steps forward in my life and my personal career development.

Product Manager

Listen and watch Sascha talk about his coaching

I was coached by Phil over between 2018 through to 2020.


Phil provided expert analysis and guidance on a number of professional and personal issues. He is an incredibly sensitive professional who encourages you to step into your own power and positively transform what is holding you back. He understands organisational psychology and how different personality types may respond to certain professional dynamics. He taught me a considerable amount about setting boundaries, self confidence when communicating with leadership, goal setting and importantly how to actually reach them. My work processes and overall outlook was positively influenced by my work with Phil.


I would call on Phil in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to any individual or organisation.

Design/Research / Opera Singer 

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